Blondesister was born from Carolina’s passion; a 27-year-old with the desire to escape from an already established career path. Her consultant role in a financial multinational company, where she has been working in the past four years, provided her with the necessary skills and know-how to embrace her most creative side, expressing the best version of herself.

She has a lovely but chaotic family, being the oldest sister of six, she constantly faces the differences present in the younger generation, noticing they are much more multitasking, curious and greedy.  Her challenge, in fact, is that of satisfying the needs of the new generation: “Placing great value on my professional experience, I came together with my dream: creating a make-up line that exalts the uniqueness and beauty of a ‘restless generation’.” Well, Carolina will become the older sister next door!


With blondsister we try to recreate the beauty concept: there are no rules to make up, this is the main rule! We believe in a product that is both available to everyone and that is able to adapt perfectly to any style: sometimes a bit of makeup is enough to make us feel at our ease, to cheer us up … The makeup that makes you up!

We thought about a free experience from the old traditional cosmetic schemes, easier but complete of versatile and multi-use products at the same time, lightning our beauty case and your thoughts! We believe that the needs of the new generations are combining practicality and self-confidence: this is why our product is unique like the uniqueness of the beauty that enhances.


Blondesister is the result of studies of the utility of ingredients of new generations. The accurate selection of primary resources and the attention to details gave life to an exclusive and highly performing product. Blondesister creates innovative, multi-use, and versatile products: this means also a minor production in packaging.

Less products and less packaging = less plastic = environmental protection

Blondesister loves Earth and the animals living on it. Our products, other than being cruelty free, are also vegan friendly.


Italy is a worldwide excellence in the production of makeup, characterized by uniqueness and quality. ‘Made in Italy’ is not only a label, but also a lifestyle, a culture that makes us proud. For this reason our products are entirely Made in Italy.

This means, especially in this historical period, sustaining our country’s economy and at the same time safeguarding our planet, limiting international transport and, consequently, CO2 emissions.


Blondesister is doing its part in being ecologically sustainable. We think it’s better to take many small actions, rather than being indifferent. We are working on the realization of urban reforestation projects, in order to keep the negative effects on the ecosystem under control.

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