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Hi Sisterina!

You didn't expect this, huh? Or maybe yes?


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Well, let's say I've been wanting to create aopportunity so, for all of you who follow me and ask me often make-up tips and more generally on world of beauty 🥰 

So, here I am 😊

Through this page you can book Friday 08 a 30 minute session with the undersigned and together we will be able to talk, discuss and get to know each other virtually but most of all I will try to give you the best advice for you regarding makeup and beauty routine 💄✨

In short, my goal will be to fill yours, if I clearly have them doubts It is perplexity (or at least I'll try 😅) on world of make-up. Plus we'll see together what they could be the ideal Blondesister products for you based on your complexion and your colors 🤩🥰

I am super happy and excited to start this new adventure and with the fact that we will do a real one video call via whatsapp I'm even more thrilled, because I'll really be able to get to know all of you sisters much more easily and "live" 🤗

I'm waiting for you 💜🌸 Much love