It's a Blonde-Chromia Story

It's a Blonde-Chromia Story

Posted by Carolina Amirfeiz on

Ciao Sisterina,

today for this Blonde Guide we will talk about one of the most loved trends of the moment: Armocromia.

For the more accurate sisters, I already mentioned this in the last article which I recommend reading for those who missed it ;)

But coming back to us, I would say to start from the foundations: Blonde Lesson mode ... activated.

What is armochromy? And why do we find it connected to makeup?

Color matching is the first step in image consultancy, it is an analysis that can literally revolutionize our approach to colours. And if you thought it was only used for your outfits, well. Mistake! We also put colors on our faces, right? And therefore it is really super useful when it comes to understanding which eyeshadow, lipstick or pencil is best for us because it is an analysis that involves four categories: undertone, value, intensity and contrast. These categories allow us to find the shades that enhance us the most.

The undertone of the skin is like its "temperature" (among other things, light skin doesn't mean it's cold, or dark skin is hot, I would never have said that for example). The value indicates whether the skin is lighter or darker, the intensity refers to how bright our colors are naturally, and the contrast is noticed by the difference between the shades of different elements, such as the skin and the eyes or the skin and the hair.

Now, the colors are divided into four seasons: Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. The first two are seasons characterized by cool tones, while the other two feature… guess what? Warm shades, exactly!

Blondesister products fall into all four seasons so today I decided to show you season by season which shades are the right ones.

Let's start - since we are now in it with all our shoes - from the Winter Season, a perfect season for those with a cold complexion undertone. We therefore have an intense and rather bright image with a high contrast ergo: bold and contrasting color shades, in which cold and lively colors combine to create an effect of great visual impact.

For her, I recommend them that are perfect for you:

Midnight Brown: an intense and shiny black eyeshadow full of shimmers.
Caramel Brown: a cool brown duochrome eyeshadow that elegantly intensifies the look.
Berry Red: the perfect cherry red stick for lips and cheeks.
Ah, I forgot that the 4in1 Mascara in the Ultra Black color is also perfect for this season!

Now let's move on to the Summer Season, another season which, incredibly, presents a cold palette, but which unlike winter is characterized by soft but bright shades, with low contrast and intensity.

The perfect products for Summer?

Lilac Taupe: a cool dove-colored eyeshadow with silvery highlights to illuminate eye makeup.
Rose Quartz: a very bright white-based eyeshadow with pink highlights.
Lovely Mauve: the mauve stick, delicate and perfect for giving color to lips and cheeks.
Pink Chocolate: the Lip Oil colored in shades of pink to hydrate and give a touch of color to the lips.

After all this cold I would say that the time has come to warm up so I would quickly move on to the warm seasons.

Let's start with the Autumn Season, the season of warm and golden undertones, representing for example those with copper hair or with warm highlights.

Here the ideal shades are warm and deep ones.

Woody Bronze: a warm and enveloping brown eyeshadow.
Precious Green: an olive green eyeshadow enriched with lots of gold reflections.
Rosey Beige: the most nude and warmest stick we have, always perfect both as blush and lipstick.

Last but not least, the Spring Season which, like Autumn, is characterized by warm undertones but with bright shades.

Our Stick 2in1 Fire Red, a bright geranium red, is certainly perfect for this season. And I would say that we cannot fail to include them:

Sunny Bronze: a coppery and warm color perfect for illuminating the look.
Light Gold: a shimmering gold eyeshadow for a very luminous look.
Cherry Pie: the cherry-colored, bright and glossy Tinted Lip Oil.

So Sisterina, I would say that now you have an almost complete list with the products divided by armochromatic season. You can't help but have fun finding the perfect ones for you!

Clearly this guide does not want to impose any limits on makeup, if you prefer to use all the colors in the world feel free to use them. Although they are useful indications, there are no fixed rules in the world of beauty. Sometimes, it's fun to get inspired and experiment, creating your own unique style. So, inform yourself yes, but don't forget to always follow your inspiration and have fun.

Every now and then I follow my season and every now and then I throw myself on colors that just inspire me, regardless of my palette!

Much love,




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