Oltre gli Schemi: FraLow Racconta la Sua Sincera Visione Creativa

Beyond the Schemes: FraLow Tells His Sincere Creative Vision

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Sisterine today we are finally inaugurating the Blonde Room and to do so we could only start with a young and very smart Ligurian 🌱🤗

Francesca, in art FraLow, she came to visit us and told us a lot of super interesting things 🤩

Genoese like me, he opened in 2016 first Italian channel dedicated to the care of curly hair (every curl is a whim? Not thanks to her anymore 😍) and from this passion for the haircare world she later launched the indie brand I like, strictly Made in Italy 🍝🇮🇹❣️

Are you ready to meet her? 💜

Hello Francesca! So, tell us: a what age and how the passion for beauty was born?

My passion for beauty was born very early: as a child I accompanied my grandmother to the grocery shopping and was literally enchanted by the makeup and haircare department of the supermarkets, so much so that often, to make me happy, she would give me a lip gloss or the flashiest one. shampoo bottle!

Digging into my memories however, perhaps the one who really brought me closer to makeup was the magazine "I Segreti di Sabrina": I have always been a big fan and never missed any issue.

Ah, well, I can't help but mention my dad, who when very young worked as a make-up artist for the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa. His stories have always fascinated me and it's also the reason why I think makeup is a real art.

I agree, it is! And tell me, iHas your way of wearing make-up and your style changed as you've grown up? If, you would like to reveal us come?

Style and approach to makeup have changed drastically: in adolescence I had a dark and punk phase. I loved dressing in black, with lots of studs and smoky eyes. I have always lived this part of my life with extreme freedom and fun, I liked to break the mold and try to have an original style. And despite the advent of social media, with which it is easier to standardize and be influenced, inside me I still feel the same teenage girl who tends to live against the grain and have that touch of originality :)

AND If you had to choose three adjectives that describe what makeup is for you, what would they be and why?

Makeup for me is creativity: being able to choose the colors of my eyeshadow or lipstick based on daily inspiration, or the mood in which I woke up, being able to get lost in shades and realize that I am experiencing a moment of pampering and relaxation, often also of meditation.

But it is also ttransformative, in the sense that it allows you to change your appearance in different and original ways. You can create looks for different occasions, transforming yourself into multiple versions of yourself. And it's fun, a form of playful artistic expression that puts you in contact with different people who have the same passion as you!

At this point I'm super curious: pTell us about your beauty routine. Does it change depending on the season?

Yes, my beauty routine changes a lot based on the season.

In summer I prefer light makeup and skincare, I love having a top base and I care a lot about sunscreen which I apply diligently and daily. I love "glass skin", I often opt for light products, leaving the foundation aside and evening out the face with a veil of concealer in strategic points. There were also false eyelashes, I really liked them, but now I prefer mascara and at least a few additional tufts.

Honestly, I think this list could be partially contradicted with the arrival of the first cold: in winter I usually like full-face with very hydrating and/or covering foundations.

My curiosity obviously continues: tell us must haves that cannot be missed in tuo beauty?

As a first product having very short and straight eyelashes mascara it is fundamental for me. Another very important product is the lipgloss or a simple lip butter, I'm extremely addicted: I have a lip product in every bag, I never go out without it! Last but not least, l’eye-liner (even if I often alternate it with other types of more nuanced lines) it's a must-have that I miss when it's not in my beauty kit.

Ma senti, qwhen you understood that the passion for this world could it become a job?

It all started 7 years ago: I received a call from L'Orèal to shoot a foundation commercial in Paris, I still remember answering the brand manager asking her if it was a joke! It didn't seem real to me and it was definitely the moment I realized that everything I did online could become something more serious.

You are imprenditrice e influencer: What were the main difficulties you faced when you opened Ninapenda?

Certainly being credible, not in the eyes of those who follow me, who know me and know how much effort I put into each of my projects, but for society. It happened that I was not taken seriously due to my young age and being a woman. I have mostly dealt with people who are much older than me, and they still don't understand that a woman can have a society, express herself and be authoritative without the constant need of a male figure.

And today, glooking back, could you tell me What are the 3 best memories you have of your journey?

I'm very shy, but nevertheless I was lucky enough to meet extraordinary people who shared the same passion as me, and that's not to be taken for granted. I made wonderful friends and worked in a team. For me it is an honor that I keep in my heart. Another beautiful memory is the experience on set: it made me grow and gave me more self-confidence. Finally, have a community and know that your words are heard. I grew up with them and also became pen pals: all this makes me feel even closer and it's beautiful!

Definitely be influencer means having a responsibility towards a community that follows you and trusts you. Which they are the values you try to convey and communicate?

There sincerity and the trust they are the basis of everything, always. I would never want to disappoint my community. I have often turned down important and well-paid offers but if they don't convince me 100% I decline. I know the value of money but I had an upbringing in which the importance of sincerity and consistency come first.

Speaking of sincerity, it comes naturally to me to ask you to share something with my sisters do you like dBlondesister and how we met  😊

So: you and I have known each other for a year if I'm not mistaken. Friends of friends who brought us together. And I must tell you, I immediately picked up on your professionalism and dedication. Blondesister is a wonderful reality, in addition to having an objectively attractive style and design, I like the reliability and quality of the products!

I'm happy about it, really. Last question, I promise. Looking to the future, you have dIt isWhat are your secret dreams that you would like to realize in the next few years?

I dream of expanding the brand I like and reach new professional goals. On a personal level I hope to continue to be a curious person. I dream of traveling a lot, being able to learn about new cultures and new traditions, which helps me in my creativity and increases my cultural background. Then I would like to learn new languages, and spend some time in Kenya with my maternal family to get to know something more about myself.


Thanks for your time Bro, and for sharing your journey with me and the sisters 💜 But now... trofie with pesto? I got hungry (for a change 😂)

Love love love sisterine mie




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