Born to shine

Born to shine

Posted by Carolina Amirfeiz on

Hi Sisterina 🌸

Welcome back to a new chapter of the Blonde Guide 📖

Today we are tackling a topic that I care a lot about and which will allow me to talk further about the features of the brand new one Blondesister Light Touch Illuminating Primer 🌟 

You have to know that to get one luminous, smooth and long-lasting face base it is very important to prepare the skin with a first, a slightly underestimated but actually fundamental step. 

This product goes to prepare the skin before makeup and it is the very first step that we absolutely must not forget when we start applying makeup.

In practice the schedule to follow is the following:

  1. moisturizing cream
  2. first 
  3. foundation/bb cream

As you know I care about that Blondesister stands out as one innovative and multipurpose line, for this creating Light Touch I wanted to make sure he had it too different functions and peculiarities.

In this case that of smooth, light up It is moisturize the skin so that the facial base is more compact and uniform. 

Today's guide was designed to reveal to you 4 modi to use this magnificent primer. He will become your best friend trust me 😎 

🌟 Trick number one 🌟

For the base… Let's start from the basics (how funny huh? 😂😂)

The first method I want to explain to you is the simplest and also the most common.

Let's go and apply the first on the face and then we spread it as if it were a cream. This step, please, must be done before applying foundation. You'll see how thanks to microperle infused into the texture the face base will be much more bright It is radiant. You will also notice that each base product, once primed, will spread more smoothly and final results it will be super uniform and compact! 

🌟 Trick number two 🌟

This method is for all lovers of pure glow so if you are one of the sisters who prefer a matte face base, scroll quickly 🤭  

Do we want to shine like the Milky Way? Then I recommend a good one mix: Light Touch combined with a bb cream (the Tinted Cream Natural Beautand it could be the ideal choice 😉) or al foundation. After creating the magical “concoction” it all fades away well on the face. You can do it directly with your hands or using a brush or beauty blender. 

And voilà! Here too, uniform and luminous skin in one fell swoop 🤩

PS: if you usually set the base with powder I advise you to apply it only on the oiliest areas ☝🏼

🌟 Trick number three 🌟  

Another method for those who love constellations💫 😝

After you're done with your face base, for a touch of extra brightness you can pat the primer in with your fingers light points →  cheekbones, eyebrow arch and tip of the nose 😊 

You will get a soft dewy effect and, guess what? Light 😂

🌟 Trick number four 🌟

Last, but not least, this is the method for those who want to use fewer products but he wants to have it anyway luminous and compact skin (without then apply foundation/BB cream and concealer). And here Blondesister gives you the solution: the first it is in fact a 2in1 and it can also be used alone to brighten and hydrate your skin!

Spread it all over your face for a while smooth and glowy effect extra me natural  🥰

Well sisterina, I'd say that now you have a lot of material to study and work on, you couldn't wait eh 🤓

However, know that if you follow my advice, from today your face base, or rather, yours makeup look, it will always be and for always at the top 💜

As always write me for any doubts or to give me a feedback and new topics you'd like me to talk about in the Blonde Guide! 

Much love,


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