Gloweye? It's Up To You... Ma con un consiglio in più :)

Gloweye? It's Up To You... But with an extra tip :)

Posted by Carolina Amirfeiz on

Hi Sisterina 💜 

AND The time has come to introduce you to the Blondesister super guide full of tips and tricks for your makeup easy to use, are you ready?

For this first appointment we let ourselves be inspired by community and, following your request, we will show you all the possible and imaginable combinations between the stick 2in1 they Gloweye liquid eyeshadows

Don't forget, take note because if like us when it comes to makeup you love best match the colors, this guide will be just like your bible 😝

What are the best combos for Soft Pink?

The coloring n. 01 it's a very soft pink and with cold undertone, a perfect color for lighter complexions. This shade is perfect to combine with pinker liquid eyeshadows such as Softy Rose 05 It is Rose Quartz 04. The first is one of the new colorways added to the range, a very bright old pink thanks to the micro-glitters inside it. It is perfect spread over the entire eyelid, to illuminate, or in the center of the eye for a touch of light. Rose Quartz we know him well, a white-based duochrome eyeshadow and with lots of pink reflections inside, it's beautiful for lighting and, if you're daring, a little trick? Tap it on the cheekbone, you'll see what effect 😉

But let's go back to our stick for a moment Soft Pink, being very soft, elegant and delicate, it can also be used with gods more intense eye look to balance the colors on the face. In fact we also match it with Midnight Brown 09, The black most particular of all that, with its micro-glitters full of reflections, intensify your gaze decisively but elegantly. 

And what to do with a warm nude color like Rosey Beige?

Now let's move on to our loved ones warm and neutral tones with it stick n.02, this brownish shade with a hint of pink inside it is perfect to combine with more particular colors but also with warm and amber tones. 

The brand new eyeshadow Precious Green 08 it's gorgeous combined with this stick, it's a olive green very special, also characterized by golden micro-glitter and that together with Rosey Beige form a super duo elegant It is sophisticated

Among the warmer and more amber shades of eyeshadows there are instead Sunny Bronze 02 It is Woody Bronze 07. The former has a shade plus tindent to row, while the second is a brown made distinctive by his own golden and amber micro-glitters. 

For that nude look with a twist, this is what you need 😊

And the very hot red of our Fire Red, what will be the eyeshadow that will trigger the spark?

It stick n.03 it's the one with the "hottest" shade, a beautiful geranium red lively and warm, a color that puts a lot highlighted the lip they cheekbones and that we advise you to combine with a delicate eye look. 

The perfect eyeshadows for this type of eye makeup are Light Gold 01 It is Sunny Bronze 02. The first is a neutral and light gold, perfect for light points, the second is a slightly warmer shade. Both go very well with Fire Red, seeing is believing 😎 

Now it's time for Berry Red, how to match this cherry color? 

It stick n.04 it is precisely a color Berry a rosy base reminiscent of cherries and raspberries, very nice if accompanied by an eye look always in shades of pink. Softy Pink 05 is the perfect eyeshadow for this stick, with its delicate nuance but that lets you elegantly enhance your look.

But with Berry Red Also Caramel Brown 03 works great, his cold brown duochrome full of many little pink reflections, it goes DIVINELY with the cherry color of the stick 😍

Last (but not least) match of this guide: who will be paired with the mauve stick? 

Lovely Mauve it's a cold mallow, soft but refined. You'll want to pair it with other cool colorways like Lilac Taupe 06, our eyeshadow on tones of turtledove with reflexes silver and pink, perfect for clear complexions and for who loves cold colors

And also Softy Pink 05 It is Midnight Brown 09 if associated with the mauve stick they will make you look great, the first why picks up the rosy hues and the second because it also goes to to balance the intensity of the eyes if the blush and lipstick have a softer colour. 


I remind you, sisterina, that these are just ideas, you can always indulge yourself too 😚

I'm sure you'll do beautiful make up which I remind you to post and show us on our instagram profile, I love to see your awesome results 🥰

And for the next chapter of this guide? Well the choice is up to you, actually, to all you little sisters 💜 

The things to do are few but essential:

  • write me all the doubts and all the questions you want about Blondesister products
  • save yourself, print yourself, frame the Blonde Guide wherever you want to read and consult it whenever you need it 😂

This way you can always count on this extra help and reminder to find the perfect match during your shopping and during your make up looks 💄💋

Lots of love


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