Work hard, dream big 💜

Work hard, dream big 💜

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Sisterine ciaooooo ✨✨


uuuu what an intense month March has been!

Full of events that as always give me many many satisfactions 🥹

And today I can only tell you about fair which I attended last week, where among other things I was able to say hello to many of you!

You've been through so many and it was really good. I can't but thank you 💜

Make yourself comfortable, herbal tea and blanket (or in my case a nice hot chocolate 🤤) that I really have a lot to tell you 🥁

The fair in question is the Cosmoprof, the most important in the world as regards the sector of beauty and of cosmetics.


It takes place every year in Bologna and last year, just think, I went to see it as a visitor, so I knew exactly what it was about. I was totally left with it fascinated, and just the idea of ​​ONE DAY being able to participate in it, was something that had literally thrilled me, but I never thought that that day would be so close!!!

So this year I was lucky enough to be included among i emerging brands, and you can imagine my "act" once I received this wonderful news. I totally went crazy with joy 😂

But what does it mean to take part in such a fair? I want to tell you about it because beyond everything it really is very interesting, it's a globally recognized event and in fact people come from all over the world!

And so (those who have followed my journey on Instagram stories will know it), I set off fully charged - in every sense 🤣 - with my little car and with a great desire to set this dream in motion!

After three hours of travel, accompanied by business calls just so we don't miss anything 🤪 I've arrived at my destination, goal number? Make the booth!

This was a titanic undertaking, clearly immortalized in my stories too, because to best represent Blondesister, transmit the philosophy and the mood of the brand, I wanted to do a job well done, I'm precise and I care, so I have to say, I sweated 80 shirts but a great job came out 🤓 

And you know what's funny? While I was there assembling, disassembling, trying to figure out how to put panel A1 in line with panel B2, arranging the flowers on the desk, all the products well displayed, and the double-sided adhesive that I'd glue to the stand in a while , I had a crazy flashback. A memory of my childhood: the legendary stall summer that I rigorously made every summer in Sardinia.

And that too required a painstaking work, I guarantee it. Practically during the winter in Genoa I produced the material, my house at the time was invaded NOT by Blondesister products BUT by millions of laces It is beads (my mom's happiness that she found them scattered EVERYWHERE was evident... it must be said that at least I unknowingly got her used to the bad habit right away, given where I am today 😜 ).

All this material I then needed to make bracelets, necklaces and the legendary Scoobydoo. And once in Sardinia what was for me began the funniest thing: tell It is show mine creations to friends, to my grandmother's, to passersby and above all, of course, the fundamental part: selling 😎

I'll just tell you that I had 12 years and I had already bought the blocking of receipts, the entrepreneurial soul right inside, in the DNA. Incredible, immediately on the piece 😅

And for me it is stand al Cosmoprof it's like it was my "stand", I felt as happy and excited as that 12-year-old girl, enthusiastic in telling the whole world about the products that I created with so much effort 💜

To stay on topic, I'll ′′ sum up ′′ and tell you how it went, what I'm bringing home (certain jokes come out with extreme ease 😂).

You must know that before every important event I leave "mentally" without expectations. Maybe I do per protect me, but at the same time they are free to live to the fullest that experience and let all the grit I have to leave my mark!

I thought that in a international contest like this no one knew my brand, I mean really, and instead it was surprisingly beautiful change my mind: make-up, skin care suppliers, buyers and distributors, visitors (I repeat, from all over the worldoo)… in many knew Blondesister, hyper curious to see the product live 🤩

And sisterine, I'm not kidding, I was also asked about Grandmother Micca, guys, it's an icon now!

You can not imagine then the charge that it has given me to receive this feedback and see the interest that my brand has aroused.

You know, I always say, creating a company is really challenging. It's like having a son: he comes before everything. You dedicate all the energy he needs to it and slowly try to make him grow in a healthy way.

At the same time it's like being on a swing: I'm there mdifficult eyes, problems that you have to face and manage, there is so much stress, a very important responsibility AND, There are also gods beautiful moments and when they arrive repay of all the effort (and the 80 sweaty shirts😆).

Conclusion, I swear it has arrived: the Cosmoprof it gave me the grit I needed to face the next few months and to remind me that I'm on the right track.

Blondesister is a brand that grows every day and with a strong community, actually a big family: the Blondesister family!

Sisterine, it's really true that if you want you can 💜

Lots of love


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