New York Beauty Chronicles: Guelfo e il suo Makeup World

New York Beauty Chronicles: Guelfo and his Makeup World

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Welcome back to the Blonde Room sisters 🤗

With today's interview I will literally make you fly and... dream. Yes, that's right, because Guelfo came to visit me and I must admit that his words really moved me a lot.

Guelfo today shares with us the challenges and emotions behind his decision to become a professional makeup artist and his courage in seeking success in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. We'll discover how her love for beauty shaped her identity and how New York became her second home.

You'll see, it will be a beautiful journey for you too and the nice thing is that to do it all you have to do is make yourself comfortable and...immerse yourself in this reading ✨

Ciao my dear Guelfo, how nice to have you here. So, let's hear: where did your passion for beauty come from and how do you think it has shaped your approach to the world of makeup?

My passion for beauty began as a child while I was watching my mother apply makeup. I approached her, tried the products and advised her which colors to use. I started experimenting with her tricks, I tried creams and her boujee tricks. At the age of 12/13, for Halloween, I asked her to accompany me makeup shopping. I used this excuse to buy some of my own products to try and use freely on myself. As with all kids (at least I think) who approach makeup, the beginning is never easy. You try to do it secretly, where no one sees you and above all judges you.

If you had to choose three adjectives that describe what makeup is for you, what would they be and why? And then, are these adjectives reflected in your beauty must-haves?

PEACE: every time I put on makeup I feel at peace with myself, I can connect with who I am and with my feelings, it's good for my mental health.

EMOTION: when I create makeup as a professional makeup artist, I give myself a mix of indescribable emotions, great satisfaction, which gives me the energy to continue. I'm not always satisfied with the result but this helps me improve.

GRATITUDE: I am grateful that already at my young age I am aware of what I want to do with my future. I am grateful to have a family and friends who support me and push me more and more every day. I am grateful to all the companies and customers who rely on me, trust my skills and the technical considerations that I express on their products.

Speaking of must-haves, what are the most versatile Blondesister products you use to create your make-up artist looks?

The Blondesister products I can't live without are:

THE CUTE LIPPY LIP OIL: for sure…It is the best lip oil ever, it can be used as a normal oil, as a mask or as a gloss. Applied on the lips it delicately glides evenly leaving a silky and non-sticky sensation, it has a hydrating and regenerating effect perfect for dry lips.

THE 2in1 LIPS AND CHEEKS STICK: Perfect on lips and cheeks, ultra soft, smooth, blends without realizing it and with a delicious coconut fragrance.

THE 4in1 CLICK&TURN MASCARA (in the shade Milk Chocolate for me): for makeup/no makeup and for men's grooming, it is the PERFECT color, it does not melt during the day and does not stick the eyelashes.

Living in New York, have you noticed any differences in the approach to makeup between the USA and Europe? And have these differences influenced your style?

I must say that there are many differences between the USA and Europe and even more so in Italy. Here, in New York, if you are a man wearing makeup and wearing a particular style you don't get much attention and/or criticism. Since I have lived here, unlike Italy, I have never received criticism, insults or negative comments about my look. People compliment you on the street, in cafes, on the subway. And we Italians should only learn in this respect. When I was in Italy I always felt limited in expressing myself and my person. So I can confirm that living in New York has significantly and positively influenced my lifestyle and professional style as a make-up artist.

On the subject of trends, how do you think makeup will evolve in the near future? Are there any trends that you are already following or that you predict will become popular?

The trends of this period are definitely: pink blush, lip oil and glossed lips, and I also see that coverage in foundations is now making a comeback. As for future trends, I see the pop of color on the eyes, red blush and Instagram brows are making a comeback, trends that drive me crazy.

But tell us something, you are a passionate makeup artist so we were wondering, have you ever dreamed of creating your own makeup brand one day?

It is one of the goals I have set for myself. But to create a "brand" with excellent products, you must be very expert and have experimented with many products and done a lot of makeup. So for now, in addition to continuous experience on the market as a make-up artist and content creator, I would like to become the creative director of a brand as soon as possible, so as to learn as best I can and maybe one day open my own brand... who knows: )

And, curiously, living in the city that never sleeps, have you ever had a 'beauty emergency' moment in the Big Apple that challenged you to find a creative solution?

Literally every day is a “beauty emergency” hahahaha

We rush to work, have a short break for lunch and a quick dinner to go out with friends as soon as possible. I hate feeling dry lips and when I go out with my friends they "steal" my lip oil, lip balm and gloss, a must-have product that I carry in my bag. Luckily there are beauty shops on every street corner so I can get by and never run out.

Last but not least: Blondesister, would you like to tell us how we met and if there is a product and/or an aspect of the brand that made you fall in love, which is now an essential part of your beauty routine?

Blondesister was among my first collaborations and was one of the first brands that believed in me. I was lucky enough to personally meet the founder Carolina and her right-hand woman Erica. I would like to say that a beautiful collaborative relationship has been created, not just a working one. I fell in love with this brand first and foremost for the quality of the products, for the simplicity of the packaging and last but not least for the working, collaborative and family environment.

Guelfo, Guelfo, Guelfo. What can I say if not thank you? Your words touched my heart, and I'm sure they did the same to my little sisters. I am very happy to have been able to share your story and your authenticity, and above all to have had the opportunity to explore your world.
It was a beautiful and authentic interview, and I hope it inspired you as much as it did me. Thank you, Guelfo, for the sincerity and purity with which you spoke and which made this conversation so special.

Much love

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