Passione, famiglia, makeup: il mondo colorato di Matilde

Passion, family, makeup: the colorful world of Matilde

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Sisterine hellooooo 🌸

New month, new interview for you. Today with me there is a very special creator who I had the pleasure of meeting way back in 2021 at the very first Blondesister pop up in Rinascente. And who among other things, last year, had the courage to host me in his house for 3 weeks in Milan for the second pop up in Rinascente. So just for this last info he deserves a huge round of applause 😂

Who am I talking about? From the legendary Matilde Prestinari, take a look at her here 😍

In three words: beautiful, sunny, a volcano of energy. Ok maybe more than three words but oh well, I better leave the microphone to her 🤪

Matilde welcome. What a pleasure to have you here, finally see you again! And I'm very ready with a series of questions that I'm sure you'll give some super interesting answers to, so let's get started!!! Would you like to give us some insights into your relationship with makeup and beauty in general? And how has your style changed over time?

I have always had makeup, ever since I was a child. I have always loved putting color in everything I do: daring, making it stand out. And makeup gives me this possibility. Obviously there were different phases that I went through, corresponding to the various "school steps", which made me experiment. Even today when I have a special occasion I love to indulge and dare.

Next, another makeup curiosity: speaking of beauty routines, which steps do you consider essential and what are your must-haves in terms of products?

Definitely the blush, I'm a super fan of "ski-tanned" cheeks, that red mix between tan and cold after a day of skiing. In fact, I always choose cold and intense colors. Then the concealer, because being very light, dark circles are definitely there! And then I would say a nice strictly brown mascara. I NEVER wear black.

Well noted! And with “the ski tan” you won me over. But speaking of work instead, I can imagine that, with your parents' experience in the sector, your entry into the world of communication was a path that had a sort of special influence. Or maybe it was simply fate. Can you tell us how this family connection influenced your path?

I may be a little corny, but I owe a lot to my parents in general for the person I am today. Before passing on to me their passion for their profession, they passed on to me their enthusiasm, their positivity, (I hope) their nice way of dealing with people. I respect my mom and dad very much, in every sense. Hard workers, passionate about life, curious. They have always supported me in everything, with incredible sensitivity. I have always been a little "different" in my passions and desires since I was a child. They always made me feel right, but above all special. I owe them a lot. To this day we also work together, it's often not easy, but it came so naturally that they couldn't avoid it. We have a nice synergy.

I understand very well, I also have a very close relationship with my family. On the other hand, my brand also revolves around the concept of family, it actually started from there. And in the current landscape, what types of content do you think companies should favor to be successful?

Difficult question, so on the spot perhaps I wouldn't be able to answer. What I can say is that in general I believe that, if you have the opportunity, as companies or as people, it is a winning idea to be passionate. Passion can be enthralling and engaging. You need to have clear passions and objectives, a bit of healthy courage and sometimes take sides for good causes. Go beyond the concept of pure profit in terms of turnover. It is necessary to create value for everyone through the products, contents and services offered.

Yes, I like your vision. And do you plan to activate other social networks in the future to better express your creativity?

Who knows, maybe I prefer spontaneity. I always and only do what I feel like doing. Without ever forcing myself, without ever forcing anything. So if it happens it will be natural. At the moment I would like to find a place where I can talk and discuss slightly "more serious" issues, which is needed.

Ah sure, here too, I feel you. Being genuine and true is not for everyone. Travel theme: we love it! We see that you often share yours, is there one in particular that struck you deeply?

Well, those who follow me probably already know the answer: Brazil. I was there this summer with my boyfriend for a month and a half. The fullest experience of my life, in every sense. A wonderful, welcoming, warm culture and people. Breathtaking landscapes and truly omnipresent nature. Another special place was Morocco, my first trip in contact with a culture truly different from ours. I came back myself different, changed. I love traveling and, in my opinion, it's the best way to spend your money.

In this regard, a point-blank question. You're about to leave and you only have room for one beauty product, which one would you choose and why?

Moisturizing and illuminating face cream, perfect for everything. I put on a nice heavy layer and also make a mask with it when needed.

To end on a high note, we can't help but ask you a question about Blondesister! How did you find us and what do you like about the brand? :)

I met and hosted Carolina at my home, the super founder of this brand which truly reflects my way of conceiving makeup: glow, practical, luminous and colourful. I like the fact that it is FOR EVERYONE and that many products are transversal. Carolina is a force and I really like her spontaneity, she is a real person.

Just like the title of the film it comes naturally to me to tell you: Matilde, you are legendary!

Thank you for your time, this time too you were so nice and helpful. See you again soon, I'm sure of it 🤓

And to you sisters, a big hug. I hope you are enjoying these interviews and, as always, if you have feedback or suggestions you know, the Blondesister DM is waiting for you 😊

Love love love



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