Ascolta. Leggi. Agisci. Accada quel che accada, tu non ti fermare.

Listen. Laws. Take action. Come what may, don't stop.

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here we are. 

I finally found some time to dedicate to mine Blonde Diary which by now I would say is taking the form of a real "journey diary".

Even if I don't do it often, when I feel inspired and find the right opportunity, writing is always a beautiful thing relief valve, which allows me to clear my head, to "make the point" (as I always repeat in the office 😅) and sum up. 

In addition, it's always nice to review, indeed re-read what I wrote, because it makes me remember and above all it doesn't make me forget all the way done, all things happened. 

I advise all of you little sisters to try it, to start writing, even small thoughts or simply sentences, quotes, the shopping list (or the tricks 🤣), everything that crosses your mind because trust me, it's really one healthy habit, which will help you a lot especially in the darkest moments.

And it is precisely from this very long premise (the ability to synthesise is not yet my strong point) that I engage in a similar theme: reading

I have to admit that I've never been a huge reader (my bad, more hobby to cultivate absolutely) but I can say that I listen to a lot of podcasts… shall we consider it a sort of alternative? In the end, listening is also important 😚

And that's precisely why I listened to, that I came into contact with a book that literally conquered me: “The Art of Victoryby Phil Knight, founder of Nike. 

"A book that changed my life"

“His story really inspired me”

“A Must Read”

These are just some of the comments I had heard about this biography and when my father lent it to me during a period of work when I was very stressed, I took it as a sign. 

I still remember, I was in the kitchen at home and he said "Here, read this book, it will do you good".

It was time to immerse myself in reading. And it was the right choice I could have made. 

Risk. Passion. Perseverance. 

Knight he went through hell before being able to found what is now a real giant: one of the biggest (if not the biggest) sportswear brand, Nike.

He started from nothing and had so many challenges to overcome that when you read them you wonder how it's possible and what INCREDIBLE willpower he had to never give up, per don't give in, roll up your sleeves and to move on. Always

Suppliers that didn't deliver the goods, banks that didn't give him financing to support the growth of the company... In short, a thousand messes but he always had one thing that no one has ever been able to take away from him: the passion.

“The passion in what he did, the passion for running and the passion for selling his running shoes.”

Nothing, a few sentences, a few words were enough, and I couldn't stop reading. I finished 400 pages in two weeks. I won't say anything else, I hardly recognized myself 😂

“Inspiration can come from everyday things. Things you can eat. Or find around the house”. 

I arrived in the evening when, despite the tiredness, the desire to immerse myself in its history, its vicissitudes and its difficulties was irrepressible. 

I was too curious, too interested. Also because, paradoxically, thanks to his words, I saw my own difficulties as "solvable"

He sent all of that to me every day Force, that grit and that vision that I missed. They have been the most motivating good nights ever

380 pages of challenges he had to overcome, day after day, and maybe just the last 20 (does that make the point? Reminds me of someone 🥲) talks about the extraordinary goals he has achieved and what he has actually built in 30 years of hard, very hard work. 

He doesn't just talk about successes or entrepreneurial aspects, on the contrary. And that's exactly why I found this book so beautiful: because it's simply... true. 

I've read more biographies about various entrepreneurs since this one, but I have to admit, in my opinion, no story is as good as yours. None. 

And there is theon a particular page, the 394, which struck me perhaps most of all. I report it here, I want you to read it well because I really hope it can help you and, above all, intrigue you: 

[...] Not being good enough as a manager to avoid sacking. Three times in ten years, for a total of 1500 people.
I still feel remorse today [...]
[...] Yet I know that all these regrets collide with another, secret: not being able to do it all over again from the beginning. God, I wish I could relive it all. But because I know it's impossible, I'd like to share my experience, with all its ups and downs, so that young people who are going through the same trials and odysseys can feel inspired or comforted. Or be warned. Perhaps some young entrepreneur, or maybe an athlete, a painter or a writer, could be stimulated to hold on. Because it's always the same motivation. The same dream. It would be nice to help them avoid the classic discouragement. I would tell them to stop for a moment, to think long and hard about how they want to spend their time, and who they would like to spend it with over the next forty years. I would tell those who are not yet thirty not to settle for a job, a profession, or even a career. To seek a vocation. Even if they don't know what it means, they have to look for it. By following one's vocation, fatigue will be easier to bear, disappointments will act as fuel, and satisfactions never felt before [...]

I thank my father infinitely, that in a moment when I was scared and lost, he was wise enough to give me this book.

But most of all thank you Phil Knight, because it gave me the opportunity to find my way

Lots of love


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