È più emozionante il viaggio, non la destinazione!💜

The journey is more exciting, not the destination!💜

Posted by Carolina Amirfeiz on

This photo was taken exactly one year ago.
If I look back, so many things have changed today, above all they are changed me.

A year ago I was impatient, I wanted everything right awayI wasn't satisfied with small successes.

Then a girl, also an entrepreneur, told me: “Carolina, you will get exactly where you want to get but you will get there gradually.”
From that moment I have “relaxed”, I learned to divide the goals and to celebrate small achievements.
This allowed me to be happier and more serene, giving me the energy to reach the next goal.

What they say is true, the journey is more exciting than the destination!

The road is still veryoo long, however, after a year, those goals that I wanted from day one have arrived!

I created one community of sisterine and sisterine stupendous, I met many of you in person, not all of them, we talked about each other and we talk regularly on social networks!

I got in Renaissance Milan, Florence, Rome, Turin, Monza, Catania and closed an agreement with a partner who believed in my brand from day one: that is perfumery Being beautiful

YES, Blondesister has entered all 45 perfumeries to be ever closer to you.

Without you, who believed in me and in the brand, I would not have achieved these goals. So THANK YOU very much to you and all the little sisters!

Never stop believing in your dreams, if you really want it you can achieve it!

So remember, you will get exactly where you want to get but you will get there gradually.

So much love

Carolina 💜

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