La ricchezza più grande? Il tempo.

The greatest wealth? The weather.

Posted by Carolina Amirfeiz on

Wealth is not measured by the things you own like a villa in Porto Cervo, being able to go to the Maldives or having a big car.
Wealth is live in a place that makes you feel at home, with the people you love managing to spend time with what makes you feel good and serene.
It is being able to be free to do the job you love and don't choose it based on the expectations of others.
My wealth is being able to live in the city where I was born, Genoa, eat a piece of focaccia by the sea, work for my brand, go to my grandmother's for lunch and return home to my family in the evening. Waking up happy in the morning, taking the car and knowing I have to queue for 20 minutes, obviously listening to the latest Coldplay album, to get to the office, knowing I'm in a place that makes me feel good every time I experience it.
Knowing you can take 4 steps, listening to the sound of the waves, take a boat, and see how beautiful my city is, because from the sea it's a completely different perspective, being able to have a chat with old friends over a glass of wine.
During the difficult times I regret the employee work, the tranquility of the "permanent place". Then I think… I think about joy and to satisfaction to read the beautiful reviews from the Sisterines on products, sight day after day accomplish that dream that seemed so far away.
This is how enthusiasm cancels worries and reminds me of how rich I am (metaphorically)!
Per each of us the wealth there is one different meaning, regardless of this I find it must have one aspect in common: being in the right place, with the right people and have the freedom to manage the most precious resource, the weather!
So, the greatest wealth for me? The weather!

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