Non c’è 2 senza 3 !

There is no 2 without 3!

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Sisterine, sisterine.

Finally I can take some time to devote to my dear old Blonde Diary. You have to forgive me if it took me a while but the last few weeks have really been…bubbly!

And I refer to the title because yes, really, there is no 2 without 3 in this case 😂  

The 23 January Blondesister has accomplished 2 years and I've done it 30, incredible but true… for both events 🤣 🤣 🤣

So now you can understand where it comes from this title and because I began by saying that the days have been intense and "bubbly" 🍾 🍾

As a child, the question "But at 30 what will I be like?” I asked myself many times, thanks to my hyper curious nature and, as I believe happens to many, I couldn't wait for that moment to arrive.

I don't know if you know the movie"30 years in one second”, a comedy from the early 2000s ICONIC for me as its protagonist, the legendary Jenna Rink is iconic: a fourteen year old who expresses with all her might the desire to grow up and, suddenly, finds herself in the body of herself at 30 years.

(If you haven't seen this pillar of cinematography, leave my blog and run to see it immediately, sorry)

Well I watched this movie the other night and it really got me thinking. Watching that teenager confront her version"thirty years old, successful and seductive" (I quote verbatim) led me to ask myself: 

"Am I happy with how I've become? Am I the best version of myself?"

And, I can say yes. For the path I've done and for what I'm doing yes.

Let me explain. I have not even remotely reached the point of arrival, on the contrary, but I am sure I have chosen the right path.

Right, happiness depends on the perspective through which we look at life. It's not easy to measure it, but perhaps the hardest thing is to really enjoy it when it arrives. On this, however, I think I've improved... 4 years of psychological journey have helped me to have the keys in my hand to open it.  

In the last two years I have dedicated myself completely to one of the things that makes me really happy, my brand, Blondesister. And while it's obviously cool, fun and challenging, I don't forget the great responsibility that comes with it. 

But if there's one thing I've learned in these 30 years of life, it's that it's not worth wasting time or living with regrets: do the things you like, that you're truly passionate about *. 

This is what really matters.


Hi sisterine, I'll be back soon to tell about myself and tell you

Lots of love 💗 


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