Ops...racconti inediti!

Oops...unpublished stories!

Posted by Carolina Amirfeiz on

They end up like this October It is November, the two messengers more beautiful of this year!

In this diary I tell you i corporate backstage That I never told.

I can't wait!!!!

It all begins in Rinascente Milano when I meet the owners of two perfumeries.

During that meeting they appreciated the brand: a fresh vision of make-up, few but essential products and friendly communication. All this in front of a manager of a huge make-up multinational that we all know (but I can't name names).

Try to imagine the scene: Erica and I were delighted, we felt important. At that moment value and reward our work faced with a 'colossus' he filled us with an incredible charge and satisfaction!!!

But the emotions don't end there… Then comes the Blonde Friday Private, many of you have signed up, e we went beyond all expectations. Every time you reserve me many surprises!!

I have to review the order and forecast file every month, why you are more and more, and I can only be proud💜

For my birthday, which is January 23, 30 years and also 2 years of Blondesister) we could organize an afternoon together! DM me for whoever would be there!

Lots of love

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